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Geographical location of PAROS
PAROS is one of the largest cycladic Islands (186 sq. km. area). Located at longitude 37 ° 5 ' and latitude 25 14 mins West of Naxos and East of Antiparos, at the center of the Aegean sea routes, at a distance of 90 nautical miles from Piraeus.

Geomorphology of PAROS
Glyph of PAROS is smooth with the Central massif of profitis Ilias (776 m.) to gentle hills which fade to heavenly beaches, allowing the formation of many small arable Plains. This plasticity is the magic of Parian landscape.

The wealth of the island of PAROS is one of the most fertile islands of the Cyclades. Produces wine, known since antiquity, oil, cereals and fruit. In particular the viticulture in recent years knows new boom and branded local wines bottled in modern wineries on the island, is renowned throughout the world. Parians except Georgia engaged in fishing and farming. Today tourism has changed the way of life of PAROS but not dismissed them from their traditional occupations. The olive and the vine still give their fruit, fish smells in Parian dinner table and the local cheese is a culinary experience.

The climate of PAROS
The climate of the island is temperate, insular. Winters are mild with little rain. Its main feature is the annual summer winds (winds) that fysane during daytime with tension that reaches 5-7 Beaufort.

The subsoil of PAROS
The subsoil of PAROS consist mainly of granite with limestone islets (marbles). The marble of PAROS, the famous lychnitis, was sought after material in ancient times due to its ability to capture light in white color and traveled with the first ships to all lands bordering the Aegean Sea. Famous sculptors of antiquity gave form and was the main source of wealth for the island in all periods of history.

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